Data management helper

Dotaccess is a path utility which allows you to navigate in the database when using a connection method, used in specified dotaccess variables.

Dotaccess is available where there's a Path variable to use, however, dotaccess is mostly optional. Where dotacces is required, there is no key and the path can be a key, or a key and dotaccess together. Where it's optional, this path will add on to the key you inputted before.

// DB.Fetch(Key, Path?);
DB.Fetch("Users", "[0].Name");

The above example navigates the database as Users[0].Name.

Example Usage

	"Applications": [
		{"Name": "John", "Data": {...}},
		{"Name": "Luke", "Data": {...}},
		{"Name": "Sarah", "Data": {...}}
	"Users": []

// Push the object to the 'Applications' array.
const Appl = {Name: "Henry", Data: {...}};
DB.Push(Appl, "Applications");
// Fetch the third applicant name from the array. const Sarahs_Appl = DB.Fetch("Applications", "[2].Name"); // "Sarah"