Implements DataStore

Manages the API methods of DataModels and holds its cache.

To create a new Manager instance, initialise the class like below.

const BM = new QDB.Manager(Iterable?, Holds?);

Take a look at the DataStore class which is implemented in the BM.Cache to hold all the data models.



The cached data set instances of this Manager.
Type - DataStore



The data structure belonging to this Manager.
Type - Any


.Add(Id, Model)

Inserts an instance into this Manager's cache.

Parameter Type Description
Key String An ID string for the DataModel and LRR.
Model DataModel The object to convert to a DataModel in the Manager.

Returns - DataStore
The updated DataStore Cache.


Removes an instance from this Manager's cache.

Parameter Type Description
Id String The ID string of the instance.

Returns - Boolean | Null
Whether this instance was deleted.


Serialises this Manager's cache into an object, while still preserving its original data.

Returns - Object
The object-form of this Manager's data cache.


Resolves an instance of this Manager.

Parameter Type Description
Key String | Any The key of the instance to resolve.

Returns - DataModel
An instance from this Manager.