QDB Documentations

Getting Started

How to get started with QDB.

Main Setup

Use npm install qdatabase to install the latest version of QDB in your project.

Use the following line to import QDB into your code.
const QDB = require("qdatabase");

Example Usage

// A debug logger for QDB.
process.on("QDB-Debug", n => console.log(n));
const QDB = require("qdatabase");
// Create the database connection. const MyDB = new QDB.Connection("./Databases/Users.json", { // Flag 'Logging' being true. Logging: true });
// Set an object into the 'Users' database. MyDB.Set({User: "Smally", Job: "Software Engineer"});

Advance to the Connection class and connection functions to learn about the different management functions you can use to interact with QDB.

Or take a deep dive into QDB's utilities.